Kathy Lewis

Olathe Office

Crown Realty

About Kathy Lewis

"The ache for home is in all of us..."
- Maya Angelou

I have experienced the ache for home that Maya Angelou speaks of. It is real, and it is my desire to help others experience the joy of finding their way to the perfect home. When you are ready to buy your next home, I can help you find the perfect place for your family.

My past experience includes many years as a high school teacher, followed by many more years as an editor and event coordinator for a non-profit organization. In both vocations, attention to detail was a must. I will bring that training and experience into my role as your Realtor.

I was thinking about what additional qualities I might have that would encourage you to consider me to represent you in buying or selling your home.

Since I am a Nana to 8, I decided to have their parents ask them, "Why should someone let Nana help them sell or buy a home?" Here are some of their responses:

"She's kind...and gives us ice cream." (Elliott, 6)
"She is helpful, happy, and fun." (Isaac, 8)
"Because she is trustworthy and glorious...and snackful." (Kale,10)
"Because she won't give up until she gets it done!" (Julian, 11)
"Because she makes the best cookies." (Sam, 13)

Other comments were similar. Cohen (12) said I am helpful and have a good sense of humor. Katie Grace (10) said I am "helpful and awesome." Then Cody, the 15-year-old, summed it up: "Because she cares about other people, she will give the best service she can."

So, there you have it. Because I care, I won't give up. And I might even give you ice cream.